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The Vicar Of Dibley Special Eposide 7 Antiques Roadshow Comic Relief 2005

25 Comments on The Vicar Of Dibley Special Eposide 7 – Antiques Roadshow Comic Relief 2005 [ SP07 ]

  1. Alice, on i can't beleave it's not butter, will forever have me laughing, just to think about her explaining it, lol

  2. I hate it that they tried to make it a joke that a "sir" becoming a "madam" would be somehow shameful and embarrassing. As if being female was the most ridiculous thing in the world. The writing in this show is stupid at the best of times, the only thing that makes it a good show is the actors and the beautiful setting. It also disgusts me the way the series ended with Geraldine getting married, like that was the sole purpose of being a woman, vicar or otherwise. There was no reason to carry on with the show once Geraldine had landed herself a man? The writing is thoroughly misogynistic and degrading to women.

  3. trying to think of a better comedy-wingman than Alice Tinker…… I'm struggling…… maybe Rodney Trotter ? Perhaps Niles Crane ?

    RIP Emma Chambers

  4. Great show & brilliant actors……. Shame management of TV Channels are devoid of humour……& the need to please the people They wonder why we don't watch the crap they put on TV?? What part of The new audience Have mobile phones & can watch whatever they want….I don't know who does the programming……( possibly a robot) Whoever they are…..Need to stand up to current Management & say 'Enough is enough…..You are charging consumers for total shit!

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