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I was asked is there a difference between a dealer and picker? Well Yes and don’t forget the collector!!
My Bio: Hello my name is DeWayne Butler. I operate as a licensed Auctioneer and Antique Dealer in Carmel, Indiana. I love to buy and sell antiques at every level, I drive all over Indiana picking from auctions, consignment shops, antique malls, flea markets, thrift stores and estates. So come along and watch my videos to see what great goodies I find, my opinions on the industry and the wide wide world of antiques.

9 Comments on The difference between a Pickers, Dealers, & Collectors in the Antique Business

  1. The problem is that as the number of collectors decreases it becomes a situation where dealers are just selling to each other.

  2. every area of collecting has suffered. This is because the American middle class is shrinking and you have the extreme poor, the getting by poor, and the super rich. Life has never been so good for the super rich because everyone is selling them stuff so they become very picky.

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  4. I am first a picker then a dealer and lastly a collector. I have and will
    always be a picker thats what i do ever since i was hatched. I am a
    dealer because i need to get a good price and ebay is a bit too
    newfangled for me so my sales are everywhere i can find a buyer.
    I also ended up a collector because i like the rare stuff and cant
    seem to find a buyer at a fair price and no i am not greedy i sold
    a 1917 Indian frame for 200.00 with the original paint still hangin on.

  5. @7948091 I believe we all are all three THESE DAYS, but if you ask anyone who has been in the business over 15 years they will tell you it never used to be that way. eBay changed a lot of things and these definitions are certainly part of that change. Its not bad In my book its just a change in the industry

  6. Thanks for the video. And you responded very quick too. It seems like they're all dealers because with Ebay the collectors can now sell some of their collections to get profit.

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