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Amazing Planet Earth – The Land of the Red Rocks – 3750

Amazing Planet Earth - The Land of the Red Rocks - 3750

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Monumental in scope and resplendent in color, the American Southwest is a land millions of years in the making. A land rich in history, and mystery. Gaze in wonder at Lake Powell, one of the largest man-made lakes ever created, and Rainbow Bridge, a true marvel of geologic architecture. The cliff dwellings of the Anasazi Indians reveals how early American inhabitants survived in this barren region for many years. There are hundreds of species of mammals, fishes, and birds to be found at Zion National Park, and the sacred splendor of Sedona, Arizona speaks to many who visit in a way they cannot fully express. Finally, the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon is among the most-visited natural wonders in the entire world.

The Saint Denis Fence Has a Secret! Whats Behind The door? Red Dead Redemption 2 [RDR2]

The Saint Denis Fence Has a Secret! Whats Behind The door? Red Dead Redemption 2 [RDR2]

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today in RDR2 We Find out what is behind that secret door at the Saint Denis Fence.


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DIY on how to paint an antique red brick fireplace.

DIY on how to paint an antique red brick fireplace.

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Two fireplaces in our early 1800’s home were in need of a makeover and I was able to accomplish it with craft paints! I not only changed the mantels, but I faux painted the bricks on both of them to look like antique bricks. One of the fireplaces had red bricks from a remodel from the mid 1900’s and the other had different bricks and repairs done over the course of 180 years. I wanted them to look as if they have been in the home since it was built, and aged over time . This is not your average DIY brick painting project. I promise!

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– White rag or cut T-shirt
– Cotton Swabs or Paintbrushes

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LEGO White & Red Bricks Holiday Bauble Ornaments opened!

LEGO White & Red Bricks Holiday Bauble Ornaments opened!

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Hallmark Crayola Red Crayon Ornament

Hallmark Crayola Red Crayon Ornament

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Add a splash of color to your Christmas tree with this ornament of a friendly red Crayola crayon artfully doing a handstand. You’ll flip for this fun decoration that makes a great gift for art teachers and budding artists.
Made of resin, this Hallmark ornament measures 2.4 x 3.33 x 1.19 inches. The ornament is ready to hang on your Christmas tree with a hanger attachment.
Perfect gift for artists, both young and old, as well as collectors of Crayola crayons and art supplies.
Hallmark Ornaments celebrate characters from contemporary and classic movies, TV shows, toys and entertainment. Each festive and collectible ornament is perfect for sharing with family and friends.
2018 Crayola, Easton, PA 1844-431.


Hallmark Keepsake Mini Christmas Ornament 2018 Year Dated, Red Tanager Bird Miniature, 1.13″

Hallmark Keepsake Mini Christmas Ornament 2018 Year Dated, Red Tanager Bird Miniature, 1.13"

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Miniature Christmas tree ornament measures 1.44″ W x 1.13″ H x 0.5″ D.
Artist crafted by Edythe Kegrize, this miniature Christmas tree ornament comes pre-packaged in a box for easy gift giving, preservation and storage. Dated 2018 in copyright.
With unparalleled artistry and exceptional detail, each festive and collectible Keepsake Ornament is made for years of celebrations. From preserving precious memories to commemorating special milestones and interests, there’s a Hallmark ornament for everyone on your gift list.
Hallmark has been your family-owned creator of greeting cards, gifts, gift wrap, ornaments and more for over 100 years. We take deep pride in helping individuals connect in just the right way.
Plastic miniature Christmas tree ornament is lead-free.

Opening/Closing to a PBS (IPTV) airing of Nature: Big Red Roos (2002)

Opening/Closing to a PBS (IPTV) airing of Nature: Big Red Roos (2002)

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DIY Dollar Tree Kids Christmas Crafts | Snowman, Red Truck & Wreath Ornaments

DIY Dollar Tree Kids Christmas Crafts | Snowman, Red Truck & Wreath Ornaments

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Hello Beauties today I have a special guest, my granddaughter, she and I will be creating some simple and pretty Christmas ornaments using Dollar Tree items.

Items used for all 3 projects are:
Crafts Sticks in the color Red
Clear Ornaments
Pipe Cleaners
Cotton Balls
Makers Red and Black
Glue Gun
Pom Poms
Mason Jar Lid (The ring only)

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The Red Stable German Village Souvenirs & Gifts

The Red Stable German Village Souvenirs & Gifts

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Christmas is just around the corner! Shop in to The Red Stable for unique last-minute gifts made in Ohio. Plus choose from our vast collection of collectible nutcrackers, smokers and Christmas pyramids! www.theredstable.com

Red Dead Redemption 2: RARE Hidden Masks & Hats Tutorial (RDR2)

Red Dead Redemption 2: RARE Hidden Masks & Hats Tutorial (RDR2)

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Today’s Red Dead Redemption 2 Tutorial is all about the best hidden rare wearable items. We will talk about how you can find awesome and rare hats/helmets and masks that you cannot get otherwise. So without further ado, let’s find ourselves some hats and mask

Rockstar has done it again with Red Dead Redemption 2 by developing a video game that resembles the real world in a lot of different ways. Besides life-like graphics and breathtaking visuals, you have a lot of different things to look forward in this possible game of the year. For instance, you can groom and dress your character in any way you like which has already been seen in GTA, but this game has an extensive range of outfits and individual articles of clothing. Then there are wearable items that you can not only purchase but also discover hidden in different parts of the map.

We hope that you enjoyed finding these rare hats and masks. Which one was your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below.

Huge thanks to Jordy for the gameplay!


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DIY Little Red Truck Ornament

DIY Little Red Truck Ornament

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Arianna and I made these cute ornaments that are the equivalent to a “ship in a bottle” . They were so fun to make, but even more fun to have everyone guessing how on Earth we got those cars into the ornaments that we purchased at Dollar Tree. The snow globe was just as easy to make using Dollar Tree items. In all we were able to make two ornaments and a snow globe for $8. Super easy and lots of fun!

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Illustrator Tutorial Floral, Swirl, Ornaments, Butterfly

Illustrator Tutorial Floral, Swirl, Ornaments, Butterfly

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Tutorial in Adobe Illustrator CS6. How to create simple Swirls and Floral Elements in Adobe Illustrator. In this Tutorial I show you how to draw with brushes. How to create Floral Elements. Work with leaf Brushes.
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