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Recycling Furniture Ideas Upcycling and Downcycling

Recycling Furniture Ideas Upcycling and Downcycling

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Recycling Furniture Ideas Upcycling and Downcycling.

There is a growing trend to recycle furniture. But, it’s called upcycling!

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People are rejuvenating vintage furniture and customizing flea-market finds. From enthusiastic beginners, to pro DIYers, the idea is gaining momentum. We recently have seen some amazing examples, which are ideas that you can use for inspiration.

They have turned old vinyl LPs into bowls, an old bed frame into a planter, a Macintosh PC into a fish tank, made a wine bottle chandelier, and many more.

Here’s another idea.

Did you find a wonderful sewing machine cabinet that no longer has a working sewing machine? Why not convert it into a storage container for your craft supplies, or something similar.

This way, you can create accessories and home decor for just pennies.
Think about it!

Get the upcycling bug, and its companion idea of “downcycling”, and you will look at furniture that you thought had had it’s day, in a totally different way!

Some would call it re-use, others say it’s recycling, but we think it’s an awesome way to reduce the rubbish we throw away.

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Peacock Vase/ Bottle Art/Antique Peacock Vase/Plastic bottle recycling

Peacock Vase/ Bottle Art/Antique Peacock Vase/Plastic bottle recycling

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Peacock Bottle Art/Antique Peacock Vase By CreativeCat

Hey Everybody
Sharing my Peacock Themed Vase made on Bottle
I did some Basic Clay work in this, Hope u will like this Video Tutorial.

Materials used
Plastic bottle, Aluminium Foil, Glue, Modelling clay, acrylic colors, tissue paper

If You Have any Doubt abt any of my Tutorial
Plz ask me in Comments or
Get in Touch with me on My FACEBOOK Page

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How to Make Christmas Ornaments : Tips on Recycling Old Christmas Ornaments

How to Make Christmas Ornaments : Tips on Recycling Old Christmas Ornaments

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Homemade Christmas ornaments are great presents and fun crafts. Learn how to recycle old ornaments in this free video clip.

Expert: Cynthia Glover
Bio: Cynthia Glover holds a BA and MA in Psychology with a minor in Child Psychology. She has worked in the field of Early Childhood Education for 28 years and has experience with infants through 12 years.
Filmmaker: Dana Glover