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In this video I explain how to play folk music on your recorder! Applying Irish/English/Scottish/British/Celtic… folk styles and ornaments from tin whistle playing. Plus some tips and resources for further development!

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In this video I play on a Moeck Rondo soprano in 440. Plus whistles in G and D by Chieftain, and G, Eb, C and Bb by Generation.

The tune I use as an example is a traditional tune called, amongst other things, ‘The Bear Dance’. Link to the tune on The Session:
(you’ll notice that all the versions, mine included are slightly different! I learnt it as a reel but it’s listed here as a polka. And that variety is the beauty of folk music šŸ˜‰

LINKS //// Mentioned in the video:
The Session
Chiff & Fipple
Joe Broughton, master fiddle player
The Urban Folk Quartet (UFQ)
Gordon Tyrrall’s ‘Irish Choice’

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