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Hunting for Rare Hot Wheels at the Antique Store!!

Hunting for Rare Hot Wheels at the Antique Store!!

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Today I went down to the local antique store also known as How Bazaar in the city, and went on a Hot Wheels hunt 😀 Some very cool stuff in today’s video so be sure to stick around until the end!
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The Most Rare 1950’s Fender Guitar EVER MADE?

The Most Rare 1950's Fender Guitar EVER MADE?

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I should have mentioned, this guitar came from the son in the law of the original owner who bought it in 1958. He was not very knowledgeable on the story of the guitar. I am trying to find some more information there. Thanks for watching and leave a comment. Keep Pickin’!

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Welcome back to another adventure with the ABANDONED EXPLORATION SQUAD and I!!! This time we discovered an old ABANDONED car lot with a bunch of ANTIQUE junkers. It was a really cool adventure being able to go inside all of the cars and seeing all of the different history that lived behind those steering wheels. It was really interesting, we even found an old boat int the back of the car lot! If you liked this video, please subscribe and stay tuned for more adventures!!!
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HOW TO GET LOTS OF RARE SLIME ORNAMENTS – Slime Rancher Christmas Update Gameplay #2

HOW TO GET LOTS OF RARE SLIME ORNAMENTS - Slime Rancher Christmas Update Gameplay #2

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Want to get lots of rare slime ornaments from the Slime Rancher Christmas update? Josh shows you how! Slime Rancher update 1.1.2 has slime ornaments to help you decorate your ranch! Josh collects the slime baubles from presents (crates) and decorates a christmas tree with them and some Echoes!

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Rare Antique Jigsaw Puzzle – Seven Ages of Britain – Series 1 Episode 6 Preview – BBC One

Rare Antique Jigsaw Puzzle - Seven Ages of Britain - Series 1 Episode 6 Preview - BBC One

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The story of the British Empire from 1750 to 1900, revealed through its art and treasures. David Dimbleby travels through Britain, America and India, tracing the descent from adventure and inspiration into moral bankruptcy as the Empire became a self-serving bureaucratic machine.

(RARE VINTAGE RADIO’S) Exploring Abandoned House Of a Radio Collector

(RARE VINTAGE RADIO'S) Exploring Abandoned House Of a Radio Collector

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In today’s night exploration i re visited this abandoned house of a radio collector like promised in part 1 at night time. It was not the same like the first time. Some furniture was already gone and moved and it was like someone cleaned the house a little bit. This house is still a frozen in time! Not only all the furniture that is left behind also the one specific bedroom filled with many old rare vintage radio’s. This night explore was pretty scary because i had the feeling someone was watching me the whole time and before recording my intro i saw an old woman as a reflection in the glass from the door. Maybe it’s haunted but not by an evil spirit.

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Hi i’m Jeffrey & welcome to my world of Creepy and the most craziest explorations of lost abandoned buildings. 2 times a week you will being part of the explorations that i’m doing at night or day of Haunted and Scary Abandoned Buildings.

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(RARE VINTAGE RADIO’S) Exploring Abandoned House Of a Radio Collector

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Some of the Greatest Moments at Norman’s Rare Guitars – Part 1

Some of the Greatest Moments at Norman's Rare Guitars - Part 1

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Some impromptu moments featuring some of the greatest guitar players that frequent Norman’s Rare Guitars! This is a must see video for all fans of the store! Jordan did a wonderful job selecting these performances, we hope you all enjoy it!!!

Featured in this video..
Joe Bonamassa, Colin Hay, Larry Carlton, Josh Smith, Kirk Fletcher, Tony Miaden, Mark Lettieri, Tim Pierce, Pete Thorn, Laurence Juber, Don McLean, Chad Watson, Albert Lee, Jason Scheff, Grant Geissman, Jason Sinay, Pat Simmons, Jared James Nichols, Michael Lemmo, Sarah Rogo, Orianthi, Richie Sambora, and Frank Stallone.

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Rarest of the Rare Christmas Ornaments

Rarest of the Rare Christmas Ornaments

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John Hanssen shares some of the most hard to find items in his ever-expanding collection of antique Christmas ornaments. His January 2019 presentation was part of Nebraska’s Hall County Historical Society, Voices of the Past series..

MashEms WearEms ! Wearable Squishy Fashion Fun ! Ultra Rare Found

MashEms WearEms ! Wearable Squishy Fashion Fun ! Ultra Rare Found

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MashEms WearEms are the latest craze in collectible squishies! These adorable squishable mini pets come in a jewel box…because they are wearable as rings, bracelets, toe rings, ponytail holders and as phone bands and more! WEAR your squishy everywhere you go!
These are truly one of THE cutest, squishiest, stretchiest, coolest fashion accessories you’ll ever wear! Brand New for 2019 from Basic Fun!

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Antique early 20th Century Persian Islamic Solid Silver vase, of inverted baluster form, the body profusely engraved with a very detailed decoration featuring foliate scrolls with flowers and birds, with four panel scenes depicting figures, two beautifully engraved with seated figures, two stunningly carved with figures riding horses, walking in a landscape and playing polo. The piece is Hallmarked Persian silver (84 in Farsi language for 875 standard, like the Russian standard), city of Isfahan, dates to the 1900’s, Maker’s mark in Farsi for Lahiji, one of the greatest silversmiths active in Isfahan. Please see the pictures, this vase features an unusually high quality of the workmanship, a real museum quality piece.

Chinese Antiques | Han and Tang rare Antiques Bronze and Pottery

Chinese Antiques | Han and Tang rare Antiques Bronze and Pottery

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Visit a treasure of ancient chinese antiques from the neolithic period, the early Shang dynasty to the golden civilisations of the Han and Tang dynasties. Be amazed by the Jade Mask of the Neolithic period, the bronze Money tree and Boshan Incense Burner of the Han dynasty, the pottery court ladies, horses and camels of the Tang dynasty amongst many more.

Visit www.mychinesetreasure.com.sg for more.

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Oldest Rare Box Jewelry Antique Before More Than 1100 Years old

Oldest Rare Box Jewelry Antique Before More Than 1100 Years old

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box jewelry antique  ، length: 20 cm – Width: 12.4 cm – Height: 5.5 cm ،It dates back to the beginning of the Abbasid rule (Islamic rule ) in Iraq before 1100 years

      The decoration of the wood, which was famous in that period only (leaves of grapes concave  pentagonal and triangular out of which pine pines) ، and the unique and innovative way of opening the box .
Price : 300,000$

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Ackermann color aquatints prints furniture chairs c.1808-1812 lot x 10 rare

Ackermann color aquatints prints furniture chairs c.1808-1812 lot x 10 rare

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(Furniture- fancy chairs- desk- table).

Issued London, early 19th century (c. 1808-1814), by R. Ackermann for his monumental and multi-year long Repository of Arts Series.

Beautiful lot of ten (10) antique aquatint prints, all with original hand color.

All still remain clean, nice looking examples.

Short video captures condition much better than words. Please watch prior to purchase to ensure a clear understanding of the lot.

Each print is scarce, lot is rare and unique.

Titles Include:
French Sofa & Drawing Room Chair.
Bed Room Chair. Cottage Chair.
Salon Chair. Library Chair.
Drawing Room Tabouret. Dejeuner & Work Table. Tootstool. Drawing Room Chair.
A Library Table & Chair.
Pocock’s Reclining Patent Chair.
Drawing Room Chairs.
Carlton House Table, & Chair.
Ladies Secretaire.
Parlor Chair.
Candelabrum, Stool & Reading Table.

Sheets measure c.9 1/2″ x 7 1/2″.


Abbey, Life in England in Aquatint & Lithography, 1.

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Local Coin Shop LCS Junk Silver Hunt – Rare Dime Found!

Local Coin Shop LCS Junk Silver Hunt - Rare Dime Found!

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Local Coin Shop Pickup and a Junk Silver Hunt!
Since I have had several requests for me to do another local coin shop (LCS) pickup video, as well as a junk silver purchase and hunt, I decided to go to my Local Coin Shop and kill 2 birds with one stone!
I grabbed all of the available Ben Franklin and Walking Liberty half dollars he had, as well as 160 Mercury dimes which he hadn’t “gone through” yet – which I figured was a ploy for me to purchase them but it ended up being the case as I scored a nice semi-key date Mercury Dime!

Hopefully you all enjoy this video as I ended up having some really good coins and a few semi-key date coins! 1926 S Mercury Dime in EF-AU condition? What?

I may also hit up some pawn shops and thrift stores to see if there are any hidden treasures hanging out in there too!

As always – Happy Hunting and Thanks for Watching AND keep Stacking that silver my friends!!!

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LOL Surprise BLING SERIES FULL UNBOXING ULTRA RARE FOUND! | L.O.L. Holiday Glitter Dolls Opening

LOL Surprise BLING SERIES FULL UNBOXING ULTRA RARE FOUND! | L.O.L. Holiday Glitter Dolls Opening

Views:16787|Rating:4.29|View Time:9:38Minutes|Likes:193|Dislikes:32
The LOL Surprise Bling Series is here! In this video, Aubri opens the new holiday-themed Bling Series dolls and finds the ultra rare Splash Queen. She also finds a few other girls, including the one she wanted most.

Stay tuned for a full set video and more with the Bling Series collection! Be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you don’t miss any of our new videos.

#lolsurpriseblingseries #lolsurpriseunboxing


Welcome to Aubri’s World!

Aubri is a 5-year-old girl who loves having fun and playing with toys.


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NEW LOL Surprise #OOTD Advent Calendar | L.O.L. Outfit of the Day Limited Edition Jet Set QT:


MUSIC: Deck the Halls B by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

ULTRA RARE Pokemon Card Shopping (Japan)

ULTRA RARE Pokemon Card Shopping (Japan)

Views:192797|Rating:4.75|View Time:13:24Minutes|Likes:3239|Dislikes:168
Today we visit what is the Rarest Pokemon Card Shops In Japan!! Not only are some of these Pokemon Cards the Rarest that you can find they also the cheapest you can find. I managed to score a couple of old Pokemon booster Packs that worth an absolute fortune for a very small price!