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All Easter Eggs and Secrets found in Viscera Cleanup Detail (Episode 3): Santa’s Rampage DLC. There aren’t much Easter Eggs in it, but it’s Christmas themed episode so I decided to upload it anyway. I hope you will enjoy the film!

The Serious Sam keys cannot be found anywhere

Each collectible achievement can be achieved only when you complete the level and bring the collectible with you via blue suitcase to your office.

1. Santa’s Rampage Main Theme OST
2. Ghost of Christmas Slashed OST

The List:
1. Rooks Keep
2. Weapon Set
3. Rooks Keep Characters Figurines Set
4. Rudolph The Red Nose
5. Santa’s Shotgun
6. Additonal Ornaments

Thank you for watching! Stay tuned for more Easter Eggs!

Merry Christmas!