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ASMR Rainy Day Antique Shop Browsing – Sleep Aid

ASMR Rainy Day Antique Shop Browsing - Sleep Aid

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Let the rain relax you as I browse around an antique shop.
Headphones or earbuds are reccomended.

The videos on my YouTube channel portray some of the typical day-to-day activities that I do for relaxation. This video was produced with relaxation in mind and hopefully has some ASMR qualities. Too much stress is harmful to your well-being and in today’s fast-paced world, stress management is more important than ever, and so I hope this ASMR video acts as a stress reliever for those watching and a sleep-aid for anyone having a difficult time falling asleep.

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TF2: The Rainy Day Cosmetic Case Unboxing Roadshow

TF2: The Rainy Day Cosmetic Case Unboxing Roadshow

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We got more unboxing to do than a flatpack furniture binge at IKEA.

The Rainy Day Cosmetic Case dropped the other day, so today we’re opening some. The plan is to give everything I receive away to you guys in the very near future. It’s no mystery that the channel is nearing a particular 50k Subscriber milestone. Both the items here and an Unusual will be given away to you guys soon, along with some additional plans that include the late 25k specials.

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Initial music is the Deal Or No Deal theme, and the Antiques Roadshow. Now there’s a credit I never thought I’d have to note.

Music playing during the unboxing is from the fantastic Stardew Valley: It’s a Big World Outside (Spring).

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound, royalty free:

Intro and Outro made by the talented Synchronized Nanotechnology:

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