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Raggedy Star Ornaments or Gift Tags Tutorial

Raggedy Star Ornaments or Gift Tags Tutorial

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I found this idea here:

You’ll need: Fabric, pipe cleaners, a cookie cutter and some ribbon or thread for hanging your ornament.

Start by molding your pipe cleaner around your cookie cutter. I found that twisting two together made a much more sturdy base. Twist the ends around each other to secure.

Cut your fabric into 1/2 inch strips. Don’t be shy, just snip a little piece and RIP it. It will rip with the bias of the fabric. Your first cut may be a little off, thinner on one edge than the other, so put that one aside and maybe use as the hanging thread. All others snipped after that should be pretty uniformly even.

Wrap your fabric all the way around the pipe cleaner. Leave a couple of inches hanging when starting. That way you can tie a knot or a bow when you get all the way around.
Tie it up and slap one of those babies on a Christmas gift for a little added “bonus” to the gift. They are cute on the tree too!