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Goodwill Haul 2018 – Jewelry, Jewelry Jars Opening, Vintage Purses to Resell on Etsy

Goodwill Haul 2018 - Jewelry, Jewelry Jars Opening, Vintage Purses to Resell on Etsy

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Goodwill Haul – Jewelry, Jewelry Jars, Vintage Purses to Resell on Etsy . I hit a few thrift stores and got jewelry jars to unbox and open and vintage jewelry to sell online.

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Tiny, Dainty Antique Victorian Ladies Coin Purses

Tiny, Dainty Antique Victorian Ladies Coin Purses

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If you like antiques, check out my Etsy shop:
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Also, Antique Market is a multi-dealer antique mall located on Long Island in Huntington, New York. I have two booths there and the place is loaded with historical and very unusual, beautiful antiques.

Antique Market
700 East Jericho Turnpike
Huntington Station, NY 11746

Antique Market In Huntington Long Island Has:

Antique Coins
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Antique Civil War Relics
Antique World War Two Memorabilia
Antique Paintings
Vintage and Antique Clothing
Antique Trains
Antique Railroad Memorabilia
Antique Lanterns
Antique Signs
Antique Advertisments
Antique Beer and Brewery Memorabilia
Antique Trunks
Antique Taxidermy
Antique SilverWare
Antique Crystal
Antique Sculptures

and more….