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“BEFORE and AFTER” French Provincial Vanity Makeover! – Thrift Diving

"BEFORE and AFTER" French Provincial Vanity Makeover! - Thrift Diving

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I found this French Provincial vanity at the thrift store for under $10! It had some damage to the molding on the drawer and the top was scratched up. However, I knew this French Provincial vanity could be gorgeous with a DIY makeover. I went a little whimsical and my inner child is very happy with this “BEFORE and AFTER” furniture makeover! šŸ™‚



Rub ‘n Buff on handles:

Stripping gel:

Furniture Paint (red):

Furniture Paint (white):

Orbit sander:

Sanding Sealer:


Moldable glue I used to fix the drawer:

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Painting, Staining, and Wood Stain Glazing a Provincial Dresser Makeover

Painting, Staining, and Wood Stain Glazing a Provincial Dresser Makeover

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How to paint furniture, learn how to glaze furniture, or what the dresser makeover process is all about? This video shows a how to refinish a dresser using Valspar paint and Minwax stain for glazing.

Step 1: Top was stripped (not shown) then sanded with 120 and 220 grit sandpaper.
Step 2: Minwax Wood Conditioner applied prior to staining. Let sit for 10 minutes. Excess wiped off after.
Step 3 (not shown): Minwax Dark Walnut oil based stain applied. Let sit for 15 minutes. Wiped and blended. Let stand for 6 hours. Second stain application brushed on and wiped as above. This was to acheive a darker tone.
Step 4: Cleaned with TSP. Wiped again with damp rag. Sanded with 150 grit sandpaper on a Black & Decker Mouse sander. Dust brushed off.
Step 5: Three coats of Valspar Signature “Mystique” white in a satin finish painted on the body.
Step 6: Minwax Dark Walnut oil based stain brushed on and wiped off immediately in sections to glaze/antique the piece. Satin paint must be used to acheive the same look.
Step 7: Drawers prepped, painted, and glazed.
Step 8: Top coat applied in 4 coats using aerosol Minwax Clear Lacquer in a satin finish. Sanded with a 3M 320 sanding sponge between coats 3 and 4 to acheive a smoother finish. Light coats are best. Ventilation a MUST.
Step 9: Hardware reinstalled and minor repairs made.