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The Stones show is legendary among Auburn’s late boomers — hippie, straight, it don’t matter. Or I guess I should say shows, cause they played twice. They were stoned or drunk. Or lost in Loachapoka. Or something… and they didn’t get there till forever and didn’t play till even later. The story goes that the applause after the first show announcement that Dean Cater had for that reason extended the coeds’ curfew was the loudest of their entire tour (and immediately followed by Jagger cowbell’ing into “Honky Tonk Woman”).

6 Comments on Poster from 1969 Rolling Stones concert at Auburn University on Antiques Roadshow

  1. My mom is the artist! We were stunned to find this clip from Antiques Roadshow. We have one remaining poster in our family – now very safe and secure. 🙂

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