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For years my ornaments sat on the tree unlit. This year I decided was the year to fix that. My solution a 8.5v AC regulated power brick (12v shown in video) connected to a 1 to 8 splitter used to wire up CCTV cameras. For the test I used the screw wire connectors but for the tree I am going to use regular 2.1mm pigtails. I have tried 3, 5, 7 and 12 volt transformers in AC and DC the AC ones seem to work the best. (the DC ones do not light the ships evenly).

The 8 way adapters were $4 on ebay the pigtails to connect run 50 for $20. You will need some black 2 conductor wire to extend the length and you will need at least one old Christmas light set to cut up so that you can get the female connectors off it. In the video I used a 12v brick. It was too strong and melted the runabout. I stepped down to a 9v for safety. It does not light them up as bright but still works.

15 Comments on My fix for powering Hallmark Star Trek Magic ornamnets LED christmas lights

  1. I hope you still monitor comments, John. I just got a box of Trek ornaments down and am trying to set up a space station. I bought a 9v AC wall wart (1.5A). It would power 1-2 ornaments but not even 3 or 4. I don't understand. Do I have to have a lot higher amperage? You powered 8 or more with your brick. I'd appreciate any insights. Thanks!

  2. I know this video was posted a long time ago, but was wondering what amperage Power supply you are using. I was thinking a 3-4 amp ps would allow for a lower voltage. Have you lost any more ornaments. I have a crap ton of Star Wars and Star Trek ones. No Star Trek Star wars battles here !

  3. I thought about fashioning some type of display board with hooks so that it would be a desktop thing…but I don't have any electronics skills.

  4. JOHN , do you have any idea how much current each ornament draws, what is the output of the the power supple you are using?

  5. Christmas lights are only ~3v, running power supplies larger than that you risk burning them out or shortening their lives depending on how much tolerance they built into these ornaments. (Standard strands from the time these came out, before the newer sockets and LEDs.)

  6. Ya know, I made mine work by just replacing the old ends and replacing them with the new ends from my tree bulbs. Might not work if you use LED lights but it should work with an incandescent Christmas light string.

  7. I just use an older style light cord. have them but also plentiful in swap meets, flea markets from the clean out guys etc. why go through all that expense.

  8. Does your STTNG runabout work fine using the 8.5v transformer with sound if it's hooked up all by itself? I ordered one off of ebay and, while my Galileo works great, the runabout only lights up. So… I don't know if it's the ornament or if it doesn't like the AC power supply. (I suspect the ornament, but if you could confirm, I'd really appreciate it.)

  9. Do you know if there's anyway to disassemble the older hallmark magic ornaments and replace a broken cord. I have a few ornaments that one of the small metal tabs at the end of the cord has broken off of.

  10. John, can you add links to what power supply / pig tail things you are using?  Looking to build something similar to this for my ornaments.  Thank you.

  11. I just went to Drug Mart and found 20 count incandescent lights that are 6v, they power all of my Star Trek ornaments. 

  12. We've just run into this same problem and will be making a "custom string" for ours.  Looking at 9v AC supplies on eBay….  does the wattage or  mAmps make much of a difference ??   Thanks in advance !

  13. The 12v dc was overheating the ornaments. A 9v AC works best. The lower wattage DC power packs were not evenly lighting the ornaments up evenly.

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