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Tom Johnson of Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration in Gorham, Maine creates a new backsplat for an antique chair in need of repair. Tom has been restoring furniture professionally since 1979. Visit our website at, call us at (207) 222-2266, or write us at [email protected] And for those on the west coast looking for custom framing, be sure to check out Tom’s daughter’s shop, (@emcollierframes on Instagram).

14 Comments on Making a Bent Backsplat for a Farmhouse Chair – Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration

  1. Great one, Tom. I thought you would steam it. Hot water and fabric softener is a good idea. Thanks. I would have probably cut it out of a solid piece and not been able to bend it into the back posts (95% of my work was new). You are the master!

  2. Hi Mike, thanks, the truck was in the barn, where I store furniture.( also my MG & 4 alpacas) my shop is in a garage building attached to the house, about 900 sq ft with storage above. It is too small but it forces me to keep it clean and somewhat uncluttered

  3. Great Job on the bend….. The chair came out great. How big is work shop..??? It's got to be pretty big to get that truck in there…
    Keep the Vidz coming.

    Take Care, Michael Frey

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