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In this video I show how to get a bleached oak effect with a two part wood bleach.

This video is based on an article in Fine Woodworking magazine no. 263.

Here are written instructions for my process.
1. When your project is ready for bleach, wet the wood to raise the grain, let this dry and sand smooth.
2. Make 2 part wood bleach solution by combining 1:1
3. Apply 1-3 coats of wood bleach and let dry completely.
4. Lightly sand with 220 grit.
5. Repeat application of wood bleach until desired whiteness is achieved.
6. Use only hydrogen peroxide if there is persistent red and green pigments left.
7. Apply Osmo or other wax product. The Osmo is recommended as it has a nice satin finish (as opposed to glossy) and it will not yellow over time (as opposed to polyurethane). If you are bleaching the top of a project that with see wear – use something more durable than the wax. Osmo poly-x is an option.

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  1. Found you via Matthew Cremona's channel. Beautiful craftsmanship. Looking forward to learning from you. Happy New Year!

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