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Watch as Dr. Lori reveals how to spot dishes of value by their white color and how to tell if your dish is made in America even if it’s not marked. Plus, tips about storing dishes, avoiding dishes with lead, and much more. Learn more about bone china vs. porcelain at

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29 Comments on How to Value Antique Dishes by Dr. Lori

  1. I saw the most beautiful dishes made in Germany I've ever seen the pattern was so beautiful, could German patterns be expensive?

  2. Have you been to the Paris France Flea Market? There were ton's of silver, crystal, china, etc everywhere. I wish I had know more about their value. I ultimately just bought what I liked, and what would fit into my suitcase. Lot's of fun!!

  3. I would enjoy knowing about french dishes – specifically Limoge pieces. I love this video – thanks for the information.

  4. Dr. Lori, I have a table that has been in my family forever. I can find no information on it. How can I get a picture to you.

  5. WOW loved this I have lots of china from Japan purchased in 1959 in southern Japan .. Noritake pattern with Platinum silver band and blue and white Blue Onion Pattern (Danube) also from Japan ..Need to get an estimate for resale

  6. sshe needs to come to my house and value all my grandmother's stuff. I am 33 years old and she is dead and I am still afraid to touch them.

  7. Dr. Lori how would I get an appraisal on a set of dishes I bought from an estate sale about 14 years ago marked on the back(Occupied Japan or something like that) of the dishes. I'm just looking for some advise?

  8. I have robin blue cup and saucers with the number 15 on the bottom, very thin set.
    My mother said there over 200 years old.

  9. Dr. Lori , i am storing my fine china with bubble wrap, because, i am concerned, because i have to stack the dishes . please advise . i don't think the flat paper will not prevent cracking ..

  10. Dr. Lori, I used to collect demitasse cups, at Flea Markets in Ct., what should I look for to determine if any are valuable? I also have a collection of thimbles, one is 25 yr Jubilee from England, a few others that appear to be antiques, some of the also Avon Ladies thimbles. Would I be able to send you a few pictures of ones that I think might be sellable? My husband andI are in need of downsizing and funds for medical bills and wonder what we might get some cash for before we sell them at a garage sale. Thank you so much.

  11. Dr. Lori, you were very informative and made it easy to remember what you said because of your bubbly personality and touch of humor with your descriptions.

  12. You are awesome DR. Lori… I laughed when you said if there is a picture on the plate its not to be eaten off but if it's plain it's ok..LOL

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