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Here is an Easy DIY technique for restoring old furniture. In this 2nd Episode, I repair a gouge I this Beautiful Mahogany Queen Anne Style Desk or Dressing table. I show you how to repair, and Conceal the Dents and small scratches, marring, gouges With Dap Plastic Wood, then finish repair with your matching favorite pigmented stain or touch up marker. it’s so easy to do. This video is for a beginner that’s a little shy to do any repair that wants to try to repair Furniture and in my experience, this is the most easiest way to do that, And the cheapest way, I think I only spent four or five bucks if that. There are other sites on here if you want to be a furniture repair technician If that’s what you want to get into. But please watch the video first before you comment. Please write at the bottom on how your repair went. Watch this video a few times and practice on an old piece of furniture that you’re going to throw away to develop your confidence.
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