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How to paint furniture using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to give your furniture that antique finish. Refinishing and painting furniture tips and techniques. This weeks project is painting the Pallet Wood Coffee Table I built using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for the first time. I first used a dark stain called American Walnut and the chalk paint color was Florence.


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44 Comments on How-to Paint/Distress/Antique Furniture: Project 5: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Pallet Wood

  1. Personally, I'm not at all a fan of that color with the wood. I preferred it in the last video, or with a natural stain. The chalk paint is a cool aesthetic, I just personally thinks it looks awkward on this piece. Fantastic woodworking though!

  2. Oh, I forgot, that's a cool idea to stain it dark and then dab paint it so that the stain shows, so you don't have to go back and take it off. Now, that's smart!

  3. Hey, you are super creative. That's an awesome coffee table. I like that you slowed down with your work so we can see what you are doing and what products you are using. the only other helpful thing, would have been for you to use the last 3 minutes of your video to show us how you put on the protective coat, what you used and how you used it. You are very talented. We love you.

  4. Hey love your videos. Do you have a store in FL ? I live in Tampa Bay Area love to see your store if you have one. Love Love the paint but is expensive… have you check calcium carbonate with latex it mimic Annie Sloan style paint well .

  5. Hi, just wondering if I could use chalk paint on rustic furniture. All my furniture is rustic and does the chalk paint have a strong smell like other paints. How long does it take for the paint to dry?

  6. How do you put on the clear coat? Just with a paint brush or? I was told to get the spray on clear coat of polycyrlic but it was a lot of cash money so i went with just the regular cans of it. 

  7. It's meant to be soft. It's versatile & pliable. No primer or sanding required. It paints over most anything. It washes off with soap & water. Annie recommends waxing your pieces for the best protection. She also offers special round paint brushes specifically designed for chalk paint. I enjoy your tutorials & tips. Great job.

  8. It's meant to be soft. It's versatile & pliable. It washes off with soap & water. Annie suggests wax. She offers special round brushes for chalk paint. It's easy to make your own chalk paint as well. I enjoy your tutorials & tips. Great job.

  9. ASCP is wonderful paint, but you don't have to spend $37.95 every time you want chalk paint. You can make your own. I like using Valspar paint from Lowe's the sample pot is about 8oz. I buy one of those for $2.99 I mix it with Plaster of Paris. I use 2 Tablespoons into plastic container and 2 Tablespoons of hot water and mix well, leaving no lumps. Then mix in the sample pot of paint with your P.O.P./water mix and stir well with a paint stick. When you apply the paint, if you notice it starting to thicken, mix 1/2 Tablespoon of hater water and mix well again. This 8oz of paint will seem to last for a good while. What ever paint is left, I put back into the plastic sample pot that it came in and screw the lid back on tightly for next time. 🙂

  10. next time you wanna distress an item try this instead of sanding it..use a common white candle and after your first coat of stain dries rub the areas you wanna distress with it..then apply your top coat..once your top coat dries come back and rub the item with a rag whever you rubb with the candle the topcoat will peel off revealing the bottom coat

  11. Love the project, but keep in mind that if the Rustoleum is oil based, and the chalk paint is water based, you may have adhesion issues…might want to consider a coat of shellac or lacquer as a seal coat in between the two…..

  12. Really like your projects and techniques for creating a unique look, however Annie Sloan paint is way to expensive for the average Joe. I prefer doing projects in a cost effective manner by purchasing paint that has been returned and using materials that are not too expensive. A quart of Annie Sloan paint costs $58.00 in my area, way too much for me. Great work though bro!

  13. hello from Perth, Australia. thanks for the video! just finished painting at 2am with my first try of Annie Sloan paint. It really is such an incredible product! Easy for beginners like me. I hope Ms Sloan ended up sending you some more paint! haha well worth the extra money though. Seems to go a long way. And I find that adding water to it not only helps it go further, but actually gives a better distressed/worn-out look. win/win 🙂

  14. Hey, my fav style is beach bum too. I call it cottage style but love yur name better. lol I may borrow it…I paint furniture and sell in a cool shop in Mass near Cambridge. I have been watching vlogs of people using Annies Sloan chalk paint but I have not used myself. Heard great to use. …check out vyviandesignsom. I do not have a vlog or channel

  15. Love your videos! Thanks SO much for making these. Have you ever made a table form scratch out of a pallet? IF so … then I have a request for you !! Do you think you may could make a video some time that shows you making a table from scratch out of a pallet!!!?? =)

  16. Hey thanks, glad you stopped by! I haven't had any problems but there are several things that could be done if there is a concern of water getting down there. On one of the tables I did I used epoxy resin on the top so I know it is sealed. Another option, like you mentioned, would be to seal the plywood first then put the pallet wood over it. Or if your pallet wood is really tight to each other, just a normal clearcoat should be enough to seal any little cracks.

  17. Just found your channel and love your style and Ideas. Cant wait to start some projects, I was wondering if you have had any problems with the plywood base swelling with water or anything like that when it gets wet. Do you think you could put some wood sealer on top to prevent water damage?

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