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In this video I show how to transform those small, colorful gourds you purchase for your fall decorations in ornaments for the Christmas tree. (Learn how to dry them out by watching my video: ) To embellish them I will show how to dye them and then paint them with melted crayon wax- a versatile, simple, and extremely fun technique.

You Will Need:
Clean, dried, small ornamental gourd
Dye (I use Memories Ink Dye purchased from:
Wax Warmer: (I use La Petite Wax Warmer purchased from

Where to purchase small, dried gourds:

Also do a search on for “small dried gourds”

Disclaimer: All content in this video was done by me, Bernadette Fox with the exception of the music from that has been licensed to me via Creative Commons

9 Comments on How to Make Gourd Christmas Ornaments and How to Paint With Wax

  1. These are lovely little works of art. You make it look so simple but I know it takes lots of practice. Very nice, very nice.

  2. Cool beans.  I grew a bunch of gourds this year and I've been contemplating what to do with them.  This looks like a good idea.  Of course they're not completely dry so I guess I'll have to wait til next year.

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