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In this week’s polymer clay, resin, and mixed media tutorial, learn how to make these 6 easy christmas ornaments DIY; perfect for a geeky diy! Many of these are 5-minute crafts! I mainly show you Pokemon ornaments, but you will also see Minecraft and Animal Crossing

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Hi fellow dweebs! My name is Jackie and I love crafting geeky diys. I mainly do polymer clay tutorials, but I also do resin crafting, felt diys, and custom diy soap on my channel, but I love experimenting and having fun! Let’s go on this diy crafting journey together ^_^ Remember to #Nerdecrafter on Instagram if you make anything geeky. Also, if you share my videos, you automatically get love and sparkles (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧





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24 Comments on HOW TO MAKE 6 CHRISTMAS Decoration Ornaments DIY 5-minute crafts polymer clay resin pokemon

  1. These are soooooooooooo cute!!! My only complaint is that I don't really like pikachu that much.. But oh well xD it ended up looking super adorable so what can u say to it? :3 BTW my favorite ornament was the one with Lapras inside!

  2. If you try the hot glue ornament again, try sitting it in/on ice water or ice cubes. It works sometimes, depending on heart level and thickness of plastic. Thanks for all the ideas! Brava Chica!

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