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Domestic Fashionista shows how to make an ornament wreath.
For full tutorial and photos:

16 Comments on Domestic Fashionista: Ornament Wreath

  1. GREAT! I never would have thought to simply string them on a coat hanger! I've been putting off doing one because I didn't want to get the form and glue them on individually! Thank you~I'm starting early this year!!!

  2. I have seen some tutorials that say you must glue the tops. I guess its something that you would use every year so its best to glue them.

  3. I thought this was going to be super easy, I've been really into making wreaths and wanted to do something with my left over ornaments that I didn't need use a hot glue gun, fabric, etc. The ornaments kept coming off or the silver hook thing would break… I was so gentle and went slow too. LOL Great idea tho!

  4. Very cool video showing us how it's done. I have already bought my plastic bulbs all in different sizes & designs in the color red. I just didn't know how to do it. Thank you very much 🙂

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