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Homesteading Lifestyle: Favorite Christmas Ornaments

Homesteading Lifestyle: Favorite Christmas Ornaments

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Hello Friends. I am Kim Hancock and I live in Missouri. I am a retired school teacher who now enjoys sharing my homesteading skills, such as gardening, poultry-caring for chickens,, cooking and baking, canning, and crafts with others. To make the best videos possible and continue showing my homesteading activities, I could really use some support. One way to support me is to watch the whole video, including the beginning commercial. Another way is through my patreon acct. Thank you so much.

HIT OR MISS | Mia Khalifa – iLOVEFRiDay (Asian Parody)

HIT OR MISS | Mia Khalifa - iLOVEFRiDay (Asian Parody)

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Nyannyancosplay – Hit or Miss
iLOVEFRiDAY – Mia Khalifa (Tik Tok Anthem)

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Holiday House Tour! MODERN FARMHOUSE Vlogmas 11 | Julia Havens

Holiday House Tour! MODERN FARMHOUSE Vlogmas 11 | Julia Havens

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HOLIDAY House tour of our Modern farmhouse! Finally taking you guys on a tour of our modern bohemian farmhouse holiday home tour 2018! This is our first year getting to decorate a whole home and its so exciting we wanted to share how we decorated for the holidays. What is your favorite room?!


Let’s be friends!!
S U B S C R I B E:
I N S T A G R A M:



How I style my bed:
Guest Bedroom & Master Tour
Living room & Kitchen Tour
Home Decor Updates
Home decor Haul
Vintage home decor haul
Empty House Tour


Black Jeans (size 4)
White Fluffy Sweater
Snakeskin Booties

Grey Diamond Pattern Bohemian Rug
Bench (from Bali) almost identical style here:
Morrocan Wedding Pillows:

Olive Leaf Garlands
Mini Trees
Clear Vase

Table (from Bali), similar Styles Here
another one:
Sheepskin rug
White Wishbone Chairs
Cream/White Sequin Moroccan Rug
Grey color (same rug)
Basket Pendant (from a store called summer house in CA)
here are some online that I love:


Macrame Xmas Decor:
Illuminated rattan presents
Ornaments on Tree
Large LED Candles
Wooden Planter with wrapping paper (Nebraska furniture mart)

Large Neutral Colored Rug:
Cream Couch (color is Opulent Snow):
Beige Fur Pillow (size is 24×24)
Crochet Blanket (50% off):
Coffee Table:
similar style here:
Plant Holder (nebraska furniture mart), similar

White Wash Basket:
also love this one!
Large Wooden Bowl by fireplace (similar)
Long White Curtains:
Black Curtain Rod

Marble Block/Tray
Black Candle
Large Candle by Stove:
Black Rattan Bar Stools
(comes in other colors too!)
Shaggy Runner:

Black Circle Table
Woven Leather Chairs:
Basket Pendant (from a store called summer house in CA)
here are some online that I love:

Fur Blanket
White Christmas Tree (7.5 ft)
Glitte Dear tree topper
Merry Christmas Tree Ribbon

Mirrors above nightstands
White Linen Bed Frame
similar, more affordable option
Crystal Geode Lamps
similar option
Throw Pillows
Pom Pom Wool Blanket
almost identical more affordable


📩 biz inquiries: [email protected]


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Restoration with metal Old bottle Cap Machine – Restoration antique restoration

Restoration with metal  Old bottle Cap Machine - Restoration  antique restoration

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Old bottle Cap Machine – Restoration
Restoration with metal Old bottle Cap Machine – Restoration antique restoration
More than fifty years old PLIER found in my grand father’s house RANDOM HANDS Brothers told me to restore it and i decided to restore it with their help and started my journey. I just restore it because i think its better to give a life to our old rusty jammed things, it’s really old and i learned many new things during RESTORATION OF ANTIQUE RUSTY PLIER.

12 Days Of Christmas: Day 5 – Altered Dollar Tree Snowflake Ornaments

12 Days Of Christmas: Day 5 - Altered Dollar Tree Snowflake Ornaments

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The line up will be as follows:
⛄ Rosa Kelly Scrapbooking
⛄ Robyn Pitts – Sir Chauncey Rocco Creative Designs
⛄ Rosa’s Creative Way
⛄ Live, Craft, N’ Love by Elizabeth Garza
⛄ Creative Life by Deborah Adams

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Winnie in Winterland
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Winnie White Christmas
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Where to Buy Silicone Glue
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**Sequence scooper from Amazon

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Black Series 6″ Commander Gree – The 12 Days of CLONESMAS #4

Black Series 6" Commander Gree - The 12 Days of CLONESMAS #4

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Journey with me as we count down to Christmas with… CLONESMAS. Best title ever amirite?

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Vlogmas Day 16 | My Favorite Christmas Ornaments

Vlogmas Day 16 |  My Favorite Christmas Ornaments

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Today we take a walk down memory lane as I show you all some of my favorite ornaments!

Thank you all so much for watching! You! You right there are awesome! 🙂
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Santa Claus Ornaments coloring and drawing for Kids

Santa Claus Ornaments coloring and drawing for Kids

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Hi Friends,
Welcome to my channel! I’m Baoer and I love to play and have fun. My favorite thing is to have fun with my family and play with my dad. We’re always up to something awesome, playing with toys, going outdoors, pretend play and learning about the world around us. Join the fun and become a part of our funny family my friends.
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(210) Dip Technique with Christmas Tree Ornaments, Acrylic Pouring Video

(210) Dip Technique with Christmas Tree Ornaments, Acrylic Pouring Video

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My suggested art supplies (Amazon Affiliate link):

I found these really cute wood Christmas tree ornaments and wanted to figure out a way to decorate them. I decided to do the dip technique with some red, green and a small amount of white. When I was shopping at Michaels, I found some new Liquitex Basics colors that they haven’t had before. I tried out their Pyrrole red and lime green. Loving this green color!

Once they were dry, I used some small containers with some detailed tips to add some “ornaments” to the trees.

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We charge $140 for San Antonio Assembly of this product, Which includes unboxing, being assembled and disposal of trash and recyclables in your provided bins. We look forward to assembling this or any other product for you in San Antonio Monday – Friday! Heritage Property Preservation – Home Improvement Licenced & Bonded + 5 Star Rated On Facebook, Amazon Home Services, Thumbtak & Taskrabbit. Text for BOOKING 210-257-0439 ASSEMBLY & HANDYMAN SERVICES in San Antonio, Tx


Set including Queen size storage platform bed, dresser, mirror, night stand
Queen-sized storage platform bed, beveled edge drawer front with Antique oak Finish, designed to last solid wood Construction. Platform bed including 13 bed slats, no box Spring needed
Dovetail Construction on all drawers, Top drawers with velvet lined, dust proof bottom
Full Set up: 62.9”W x 91”d x 53.6”H; Queen headboard: 63”w x 9”d x 54”h; footboard: 63”w x 1”d x 17”h; dresser: 58”w x 17”d x 40”h; mirror: 39”w x 1”d x 35″H; night stand: 24”w x 17”d x 24”h

Queen Storage Bed, Dresser, Mirror, Night Stand

Handcrafted with elegant detailing, this solid wood bedroom set will add a touch of luxury to your bedroom decor. The set feature plenty of storage space.

Queen size bookcase storage platform bed
8-Drawer dresser with Mirror
2-Drawer nightstand

Headboard with bookcase provides extra storage space

The headboard comes complete with four cubbies and two drawers, ample space for alarm clocks, electronic devices, books, and more.

Deep drawer built in each side of the rails

The bed features one deep drawer on each side of the bed rails, providing you ample storage space.

Deep drawer built in each side of the rails

Features 4 wide drawers at the footboard to provide even more storage space for your clothing and bed linen.

Dovetail Construction on all drawers

The dovetail construction on all drawers grantees this bed set a long last piece.


Please watch: “HACK: How To Hang or Mount Anything Straight and Level Quickly – Picture Frames, TV, Art, Shelves”


Residential for sale – 1325 SPOKANE AVENUE, Orlando, FL 32803

Residential for sale - 1325 SPOKANE AVENUE, Orlando, FL 32803

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Listing Site:
Property Site:

One or more photo(s) has been virtually staged. Welcome home to this charming bungalow in Colonialtown North! Located on a brick lined street just steps to the Mills50 Main Street District. NEW ROOF 2014 and NEW AC 2017! The exterior is freshly landscaped with a flagstone pathway. Built in 1920 this bungalow is complete with a picturesque front porch complete with vaulted bead board ceiling and porch swing! The interior features original hardwood floors, baseboards and trim work, shaker style 5 panel doors, and wavy glass windows. As you step inside a spacious living room/dining room combo offer plenty of space for entertaining. Two bedrooms share a bathroom in the main hallway just off the living room. The charming country kitchen is just behind the dining room and features original wood cabinets and an antique furniture piece with butcher block that completes the look. From the kitchen a large indoor laundry room is lined with windows and offers possibilities! You could expand the kitchen, possibly add a 2nd bathroom, or use as a sunroom. This space provides access to the back yard and the 3rd bedroom is tucked along the back as well. As you step out back, enjoy a wooden deck with arbor and a spacious fenced in yard. There is plenty of room for an urban garden, a place for the pets to roam, and zoned R-2 if you wanted to build a perfect studio. This charming bungalow is conveniently located to Downtown Orlando and Winter Park. Bike to all of your favorite shops and restaurants in Mills50 or Audubon Park and just minutes to Downtown Orlando!

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1
Square Feet: 1128
Price: $275,000

MLS ID: O5751306

For more information about this property, please contact Kathryn Stelljes at 407-494-2820 or [email protected] You can also text 5381385 to 67299.

YouTube: https:://
12/15/2018 07:07:02 am

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DIY Grey Weathered Wood Stain

DIY Grey Weathered Wood Stain

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Hello Everyone!!

I am so sorry I have been gone for so long I have been moving! And this is a DIY that I did on an old table for my new apartment, I hope you enjoyed watching it! Let me know how your DIY’s turn out if you try this!

In this video I will show you how to do this grey weathered wood stain! I love the grey wood look and all I want to do was fill my apartment with grey furniture! Although I could not find a table that was this exact combo (grey stain with white wash stain) I was able to do the grey stain on my own! It came out great almost like a rustic stain and all I did was dress it up with some glam decor to add a more modern look and wah la!

Here is a link to my dining chairs:

(This is an affiliate link and I do receive commission)

***Products Used:

– Steel Wool & Vinegar Mix
– Benjamin Moore Texas Leather
– Behr White
– Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter
(All are from Lowe’s / Sample Sizes)
– I also used the Behr White for the bottom of the table.
*********** I forgot to mention that I topped my table with a clear coat I used the Decoart Clear Soft-Touch Varnish

*** If you have read this far, comment: SHE’S THE MAN!!

Antiques Roadshow | Vintage Birmingham

Antiques Roadshow | Vintage Birmingham

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Discover memorable finds appraised at ANTIQUES ROADSHOW back in 1999, such as an Austrian “Naughty” cat bronze made around 1900, a Margaret Mitchell archive, and a Cartier diamond ring from about 1940. Find out which is valued at $20,000!

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW | Adler & Sullivan Elevator Grate | Charleston, SC Hr 3 Preview | PBS

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW | Adler & Sullivan Elevator Grate | Charleston, SC Hr 3 Preview | PBS

Views:1093|Rating:3.13|View Time:1:55Minutes|Likes:5|Dislikes:3
A salvaged Adler & Sullivan elevator grate from the Chicago Stock Exchange makes it to the appraisal table in Charleston, SC Hr 3. How much is this iconic piece of interior architecture, previously sold for scrap, worth today? New episode airs Mon, Feb 29th at 8/7C on PBS.

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW airs Mondays at 8/7C PM & 9/8C PM on PBS. Watch full-length episodes of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW at

Be sure to follow us on Twitter & Instagram @RoadshowPBS, Pinterest, and Facebook!

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More Book Star Ideas Part I – Book Star Tree Ornaments

More Book Star Ideas Part I - Book Star Tree Ornaments

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Here’s the first part of my “More Book Star ideas”, both videos are inspired by my latest Skillshare Class “Minimalist Style Seasonal Decorations – Turn Old Books into Star Garlands & Star covered Wreaths” and gives you more ideas for using the book stars.

I’ve just added three bonus videos to my class, showing you how to create 3D star tree ornaments and how you can use the book stars to create handmade Christmas cards.

Those new bonus videos are step by step instructions, whereas my YouTube videos are more to be understood as giving you ideas and inspirations rather than being step by step tutorials.

However, I’ve created a few free tickets to this Skillshare Class, which will expire at the end of January. You’ll need to create an account on Skillshare, but don’t have to take out a subscription, so absolutely no need to give any payment details.

EDIT – There seems to be a slight hiccup trying to create the free tickets, but I’ll add them asap! Really sorry!!!

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