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Minor Car Accident.. MAJOR Damage!!

Minor Car Accident.. MAJOR Damage!!

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THE BEST Chili you’ll ever eat!! | Vlogmas Day 14

we got horrible news..

Trying to Shop with a 4 Year Old!! .. lol | Vlogmas Days 9-11


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Embarrassing Makeup Fail. | Vlogmas Day 3

We’re STILL Decorating!! | Vlogmas Day 2


23 & 24) CHRISTMAS EVE TRADITIONS | Vlogmas Day 23 & 24

21 & 21) LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!! | Vlogmas 2017

19) MY BIRTHDAY VLOG | Vlogmas 2017

14) HUGE CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!! 3 Winners!! | Vlogmas Day #14

13) What do YOU want from Santa?! | Vlogmas Day #13

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10 & 11) THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT!! | Vlogmas Day 10 & 11



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Today we are doing a Tea Light Snowman ornaments hope you enjoy the video..


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Vintage Haul – Ornaments, Depression Glass

Vintage Haul - Ornaments, Depression Glass

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I spent $25 on this small haul from a neighbor. See what great vintage I picked.


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Hi! I’m Jeffrey and I run a resale business specializing in vintage and antique finds! Follow my journey as I post haul videos, vlogs, what’s selling videos and more on YouTube. You can also follow me on Instagram to catch more daily happenings!

Flipping Junk [81] Garage Sale Video Games and Thrift Store Finds to Sell Online

Flipping Junk [81] Garage Sale Video Games and Thrift Store Finds to Sell Online

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I’m Wick and I am a reseller for a living. I find things at garage sales, thrift stores, and even clearance at retail stores to sell. I do online arbitrage, retail arbitrage, and buy locally. While the majority of my business is done through Amazon FBA, I also sell on eBay or anywhere else I can flip the junk that I find.

I also trade stocks and futures, do affiliate marketing, and Merch by Amazon to make money online. My goal is to live a free life away from the typical 9-5 job. Subscribe and join me on my adventures to see what I can find to make some dollars.

#flippingjunk #ebayseller #amazonseller #sellingonamazon #sellingonebay #reselling #reseller #retailarbitrage #thrifting #fba #clearance

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What tools do I need to sell on Amazon FBA and eBay?

Here is what I use for my reselling business below.


Q: What Apps do you use to sell online (eBay and Amazon)?

A: I search the eBay sold and completed listings to get an idea of what products are selling for. I use the Amazon Seller App to scan for FBA. Seller app —

Q: Can you make a living selling online?

A: Yes, the difficulty is based on how much effort you put in and how much you need to make each month. I do this full time.

Q: Where do you find your clearance products to resell?

A: Literally everywhere. Check end caps and look for clearance aisles, but mostly it will be mixed in. Ask a manager if there’s any good clearance deals and build a relationship if possible.

Q: Do you make a full-time living selling online?

A: I do. All my bills are covered, I’m able to save a good amount, and put money back into the business. I also do other things to make money, but reselling is the meat. It takes a lot of work and dedication to make a full-time living reselling.

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WWII Signal Corp Box Restoration (Ok, RestoMod)

WWII Signal Corp Box Restoration (Ok, RestoMod)

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WWII Signal Corp Box Restoration (Ok, RestoMod) – I had hoped to have this done in time for Pearl Harbor Day, sorry it ran late. This is a Signal Corp box that my wife inherited from her father and has been in the family for years. It had multiple coats of paint on it as well as stuck on newspaper and years of grit, grime, and abuse. But I thought there might be something interesting underneath all those years and this is my attempt to bring that out. I hope you enjoy it.

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Mandela Effect Coca-Cola – Santas Wink

Mandela Effect Coca-Cola  - Santas Wink

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New Christmas Mandela Effect: Does Santa wink in the Coca-Cola adverts?
Many people remember Santa winking at the end of the Coca-Cola Christmas advert as he takes a swig of the refreshing Coke, but he apparently never has according to Coca-Cola although bowing to public pressure they have this year.

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Checking / cracking a nitro guitar finish – Nitrocellulose relic tutorial

Checking / cracking a nitro guitar finish - Nitrocellulose relic tutorial

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A short tutorial showing how to get that cracking / checking effect on a nitrocellulose guitar finish. Perfect for relic jobs and the like.

This does not work on poly finishes! If you have any questions about the process, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be glad to help you out.

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EXTREMELY HEAVY DOORS!!! Grotty Vintage Dover Hydraulic Freight Elevator at Harrington Tower of TAMU

EXTREMELY HEAVY DOORS!!! Grotty Vintage Dover Hydraulic Freight Elevator at Harrington Tower of TAMU

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Filmed on July 4, 2018: located in College Station, TX. This elevator has kind of seen better days since I first rode it. Outside doors got heavier and the car gate near the COP (control operating panel) wasn’t shut properly is why the elevator wouldn’t move. Thankfully, this thing still runs great although it was a little low on oil during the second ride. Just I gotta say, this is BY FAR one of the MOST HEAVIEST manual doors I had ever operated in my whole entire life on a freight elevator!!!! Never came across any freighters with manual doors that are this heavy. I had to set the camera down and use both hands in order for me to open and close the doors. See how hard I wrestled around with them in this video! Installed in 1972.


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Best Dining Tables 2019

Best Dining Tables 2019

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Are you looking for the Best Dining Tables We spent time to find out the Best Dining Tables for you and create a review video. In this video review you will find the top products list, what is the feature of these products and why you should buy it.

Here is the list of 5 Best Dining Tables

5. Coavas Kitchen Dining Table White Round Coffee

4. East West Furniture ANT-BLK-TP Antique Table 36″ Round

3. Damen Rectangle Dining Table Natural Brown and White

2. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Pinnadel Counter

1. Modway Gridiron Stainless Steel Dining Table in Silver

One Wedding and a Funeral | Funny Clip | Classic Mr Bean

One Wedding and a Funeral | Funny Clip | Classic Mr Bean

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A British classic 🤣


Welcome to the Classic Mr. Bean channel!
Home of favourite Mr Bean clips, full episodes and movie scenes.

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#ClassicMrBean #FunnyClips #MrBean

2018 Christmas Tree with Handmade Ornaments

2018 Christmas Tree with Handmade Ornaments

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I am practicing doing videos with my phone. The lights make everything look weird. It didn’t look this way when I viewed it on my phone.

Here is my 2018 real Christmas Tree. I decided to decorate it with only handmade ornaments. I show all the ornaments on the tree. The tree skirt my mom crocheted many years ago for me. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

DOLLS LOL GLAM Glitter Hairdorables PJ Masks Shimmer Shine Vampirina Surprise TOYS Unboxing

DOLLS LOL GLAM Glitter Hairdorables PJ Masks Shimmer Shine Vampirina Surprise TOYS Unboxing

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Cams Toy Box is Opening Surprise toys ! We have Hairdorables Surprise DOlls unboxing , LOL Glam Glitter Surprise Doll , Vamipirina Surprise Blind Box Castle Toys , Monster High Minis Season 2 , LOL Finders Keepers Chocolate Surprise Egg , Shimmer and Shine Fashems , Disney Princess Kinder Joy Egg , PJ Masks Collectible Figure Blind Pack , Holiday Hartchiamls , Shopkins , LOL Surprise Tins and Incredibles 2 Surprises Dolls Opening Fun !

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PLEASE CHECK OUT LOL Surprise Dolls Unboxing :

HairGoals LOL Surprise DOLLS MAKEOVER Series 5 Sneak Peek Preview TOYS Review

LOL Under Wraps Wave 2 Confetti POP BLING Series Lil Sisters Surprise DOLLS TINS Unboxing TOYS

LOL BLING PIKMI Flips Series Surprise Dolls Disney Doorables PJ MASKS SHopkins Toys Unboxing Egg

LOL Surprise Under Wraps Confetti POP BLING Series 3 Tins Unboxing Toy Dolls Eye Spy

LOL Surprise DOLL Glam Glitter TOYS Doorables PJ Masks Roblox Shopkins Unboxing Reviews

LOL Surprise Dolls Bling Glam Glitter Series 1 3 4 Under Wraps LIL Sisters Unboxing TOYS Eye Spy

LOL Surprise Under Wraps Toys 5 Doorables My Little Pony Num Nums Slime SHopkins Fun Unboxing

LOL BLING Series Surprise Dolls Unboxing NEW Ultra RARE Blind Bags

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Cute Santa Claus Felt Christmas Ornament | #5 Christmas Decoration.

Cute Santa Claus Felt Christmas Ornament | #5 Christmas Decoration.

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Hey everyone !!! In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to make a cute Santa Claus felt Christmas ornament.

Hope you like my tiny cute Santa Claus ornament !

If you have any question on how to make this cutie just let me know and I will see what I can do !
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-O Christmas Tree (Vocals) Jingle Punks.

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