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Did a big declutter and figured I’d give you some tips on what I do when I resell my thrifted clothes!
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15 Comments on Beginners Guide to Reselling Thrift Clothes | My Tips & Tricks to Sell FAST

  1. Hopefully this answered the basic questions about reselling! I definitely could have gone deeper, but comment any questions you may have that I didn't answer! ☀️

  2. I just started sourcing aka thirfting to resell! I love thrifting so much but often find cool pieces that don't fit me so I figured I could share the love with others on Poshmark! Check out my closet – @candaceee22 !!

  3. Another thing to keep in mind is to share your closet often! This way, your items will be at the top of the search results. My Poshmark is @floralfigure 😀

  4. In one of your previous videos and also from Carrie Dayton convinced me to get poshmark. I love shopping on poshmark. My poshmark is @bonitaanais

  5. i haven't tried poshmark but maybe i'll give it a try! for now i've been using depop, mine is @esylera 🙂

    also for shipping out, i try and reuse packaging that i got from my own orders from depop, amazon, etc. not exactly the same as what you mentioned with eco friendly packaging, but i figure it's better than using envelopes!!

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