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Taken from ‘Bassnectar – Divergent Spectrum Remixes’ EP, featuring remixes from Bassnectar, Steve Aoki, The Glitch Mob, Beats Antique, ill.Gates and Terravita

25 Comments on Bassnectar – Voodoo (Beats Antique Remix)

  1. Bassnectar and Beats Antique??? Seriously? I never could have imagined this. Why did it take so long to find this? Sooo loving this. <3

  2. i'm a tad more interested in tatiana listens to when she is trying to get into cosima's character. from what i know this is the creators version.

  3. no, its the fact that they were watching dubstep that they say they dont like, which points towards them being a hater who's gonna dislike it. but they didnt which is good.

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