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23 Comments on Bananas Mystery Bunch Blind Box Scented Animal Figures Unboxing Toy Review

  1. This is making me SO anxious that she didnt put it together correctly! Flip the leaf the other way and snap on your animal. They will all connect after that, and hang together on their vines.

  2. Couldn’t finish watching. Maybe if she slowed down and thought about what she was doing. Really wanted to see them hang correctly.

  3. I can't believe that you haven't flipped the leaf. They obvious hang and you place the animal on the peg. Super cute animals.

  4. I think the vine is put together upside down. If you flip the little platform with the peg the other way, then you can put the characters on there and they should fit (just a guess because I've never opened these)

  5. Just take the bottom of the vine hanger, the part you snapped in, pull it apart, turn it over, and snap it back in. The Crushie character can 'sit' on that and the vines connect together for hanging.

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