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I stopped in at an Antique shop recently to see if they had any old fountain pens. As I browsed around inside the antique shop, I couldn’t help but think of my favorite scene from the movie Napoleon Dynamite, the one where he was browsing around inside a thrift store. Great ASMR qualities in that scene. I ended up buying two items that aren’t pens. Relax as I clean up a green, glass flower-frog and a candle holder before showing you what I’m going to use them for. Afterward, take a stroll with me through the Antique shop and try not to break anything.

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  1. It's funny how antique shops are so much a like. I live in British Columbia Canada and you would be hard pressed to tell them apart. FYI I watched the entire video and really enjoyed it. I have watched it on numerous accaision's.
    Thank you for your videos!

  2. I've watched multiple ASMR vids tonight because I'm having a sort of panic attack atm and none of them have helped like this one. Thank you <3

  3. Is there really that high of a demand on these expensive pens? How do the manufactures stay in business? I know there are high quality items with a lot of products, but I can't really imagine many people even wealthy ones to purchase a 500 dollar pen, knowing me I would lose it in a week.

  4. I don't know have this video managed to escape my curious eye all this time! Nicely done. And yes…I knew right away what you were going to use it for. 🙂

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