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Learn from Amy as she teaches you how to use the Amy Howard at Home Antique Mirror Solution.

The Amy Howard at Home Antique Mirror Solution allows you to give the patina of age to mirrored glass. Use the Antique Mirror Solution to give a framed mirror the look of an Old World antique. You can also use the Antique Mirror Solution on mirror insets to a vanity or chest!

Rescue one of the millions of pieces of furniture thrown away annually for the ultimate recycled before and after project. Any mirrored surface can be artfully transformed with the Amy Howard at Home Antique Mirror Stripper and Mirror Solution.

15 Comments on Antique Mirror

  1. Hello
    I am chokri from Algeria I saw the video was good for me I benefited from it, thank you for choosing this video.
    I have a query that I want to know about nickel chromium components and ratios of materials.

  2. Im not in a good mood now! You said you were working with a Stripper???? Where is he???? Im waiting…….zzzzzz. Zzzzzzz! Zzzzz,! Lololol

  3. I loved this video, with the details that she shares for the beginner. However, she is using her branded products, which I did not see an opportunity to buy! So, I went to Home Depot, bought a paint stripper raring to go. The quick bubbling shown on the video did not happen, nor was lifting the paint with brown paper possible AT ALLL!. I had to scrap the paint and felt pretty novice when I entered that remedy and she did not prepare me for that. So, if it is "her " products that work so well, why not say so and sell them? The paint thinner I bought "jasco" claimed to lift paint in 15 minutes, but did not. Nor did it "bubble in five minutes" like the live video portrays. The job became a guessing game for me, I had to scrape the mirror and it was messy and inconsistent. Was this a teaching method video or a company selling product that works best? If you teach, show the problems with off the shelf products, or else simply have a shopping cart at the end for those that want to experience the project identical to the instructions.

  4. Well i thought this was a DIY that anyone could do with mentioned solvents etc.. rather this is more like sales, infomercial for some product where know one knows the ingredients and not sure WHERE to purchase magic mirror antiquing liquids?????!!!!!! Gee thx.

  5. I actually found this video by searching for ways to fix my antique mirror. It never occurred to mt that people may actually like the fact that my mercury mirror shows black spots and tarnishing… May leave it now 🙂

  6. I am lacquering for the first time with amy howard spray paint. The old paint on the head board I sanded first but did not strip. After I primed with Amy's spray primer some of the white paint began to peel. Second I just put the first layer of red lacquer on and the second where the wood is revealed is not covered at all. I'm nervous it won't be covered in a second spray.

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