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Here’s a guide for all the hidden ascendant chests in the Dreaming City during the Weakest Curse week. Once you open all of these chests, you unlock a Triumph. To access those hidden platforms you need to consume a Tincture of Queensfoil, found in world and region chests or purchased from the secret skull vendors. If you want an easy way to get Queensfoil, watch this video here:

Chest 1 – 0:29
Chest 2 – 1:09
Chest 3 – 2:46
Chest 4 – 3:41
Chest 5 – 4:32
Chest 6 – 5:16
Chest 7 – 6:26
Chest 8 – 7:15
Chest 9 – 8:57
Chest 10 – 10:15

This was recorded on an Xbox.

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29 Comments on All “Weakest Curse” Ascendant Chest Locations! – (Destiny 2 Forsaken)

  1. so i assume weakest curse is the week after the strongest curse, which would be starting today? a response would be appreciated!

  2. I am having trouble with the chest in the confluence….I have gotten it before but it was awhile ago….i am 9/10 for chests and its the only one that wont spawn for me. I got the rest of them no problem and had to go back and redo a few cuz i skipped them. you have to get all 10 in the same week for it to count but this one isnt spawning for me so i am stuck at 9/10…..any suggestions?

  3. chest for Petra if you look right behind her climb up the rocks and land up on top of that Dome you can skip all the jumping

  4. Dude, the very first Secret Chest is not there, we did the jumping to the platform between the two rock mountains, tneres no more platforms after this position that shows on your video.

  5. To everyone wondering why their chest isn’t showing. Make sure to know what week it is for the “curse”. The week with the “Shattered Throne” quest available is the Deeper curse ascender chest spawns. This video is great, but it’s for the Weakest Curse Ascendant chests. Check out his other video for the heavier curse chest spawns and you’ll see them appear :).

  6. You don’t even need to open each one. You just have to open 10 chests during that rotation of the curse. You could open the same 2 chests each time for 5 weeks and it’ll pop. Good video none the less but please stop with your jump cuts. Let the clips flow as one piece. Your ascendant challenge egg video for week 3 of the curse with the sword was awful.

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