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Ace of Spades Build that was shown a month ago by Bakengansta. Feel free to check his information below. We will be combining Lucky Pants and Ace of Spades together to create the build “Illegal Ace”. This is by far my favorite hunter build so far.

Bakengangsta Info:

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32 Comments on Ace of Spades Build (Illegal Ace) Hunter Build | Destiny 2 Forsaken

  1. Pro Tip, use Markman's Dodge to reload your mag if you can't secure the kill after activating Lucky Pants. This will result in you activating Memento Mori still upon Precision Kill.

    Edit: Bungie reacted quickly LOL! It’s patched!

  2. Lucky Pants actually doing something good

    Bungie: NERF

    Titan skating, broken Synthoceps, Nova Warp, shotguns having double the range of smgs

    Bungie: Perfectly fine

  3. Ya know, I believe Lucky Pants puts on Destiny 1's exotic perk Maverick from that version of Ace of Spades if I'm not mistaken. I think that would be the catalyst or maybe something better.

  4. I'd like to see a Hunter build that doesn't rely on an exploit or Super. Sort of like when using Antiope-D and Dragon's Shadow on top of Nightstalker invis dodge.

  5. Oohhh I did it wrong I thought if I was at 4 MM and I got precision kill it would go back up, but I have to wait til MM runs out then get headshot. Nvm I tried it, they patched it I think

  6. Kind of funny this came up on my feed. Just the other day I got lucky pants and Ace of spades within 10 mins of each other during the shattered throne mission!

  7. When you have to rely on a glitch (that have been patched) to have a good build, you know your class is in a bad spot

  8. Damn so lucky pants has been useless and bugged for ages but then the bug works really well with ace of spades and actually makes the exotic good so then bungie decide to patch it….. I need the shards anyway.

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